Our Calling

GROWING into a NEW COMMUNITY in CHRIST together with ALL of our neighbors.

Our Neighbors

At New Community 4th, our ministries center around three areas of service: In our neighborhood; In our fellowship hall; and In our sanctuary. We call these our “Three Tables” because we believe that fellowship with Jesus and others occurs around the formal communion table in our sanctuary with fellow followers, but we also experience communion with our friends and neighbors in our fellowship hall. Finally, we experience communion at the table with first – time encounters in our immediate community.

Our Values


We are a Christ-centered ministry that values a missional approach to addressing the wholistic needs of people in our diverse community.
Christ-centered: Honoring Christ through worship, teaching, and fellowship.

Missional: Being the hands and feet of Christ.
Wholistic: Caring for mind, body, and soul.
Diverse: Recognizing and respecting differences.

Somos un ministerio Cristo-centrico con un enfoque misionero para tratar de cubrir las necesidades (fisicas y espirituales) de la gente un nuestra comunidad.

Cristo-centrico: Dandole honor a Cristo a traves de nuestra alabanza, ensenanza y companerismo.

Misionero: Siendo ser las manos y los pies de Cristo.
Necesidades: Cuidando la mente, el cuerpo y el alma.
Nuestra Comunidad: Reconociendo y respetando las differentes culturas en nuestra comunidad.



In order to fulfill God’s vision for our church and give expression to our values, we are committed to:

  1. Engage our Neighborhood
  2. Equip our Congregation
  3. Stabilize our Finances

nuestra vecindario
Equipar nuestra congregacion
Stabilizar nuestras financias

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