Our Leaders

As a Reformed Church in America we are lead by pastors, deacons and elders whose roles we hope reflect biblical models for leadership in the church.

Presently we have eight equipping teams led by our eight consistory members.

Pastoral Care/home member care Betty Johnson
Discipleship/Youth & Children Kris Van Engen
Worship Leah Dykema
Cross cultural initiatives Connie Amaya
Trustees Matt Daniels
Financial Recording and Reporting Tom Mathy
Fellowship (TBD)
Outreach Cheryl Bradfield

Rather than just an outreach committee we share an “outreach call” to Grow into a new community in Christ together with ALL OUR NEIGHBORS. Toward that end we partner in the following ways:

  • Church partnerships for…Breakfast with Baby-Feeding America-VBS
  • College and Seminary partnerships (i.e. Hope Neighbors Community)
  • Neighborhood partnerships through West Core

Since we are a “Reformed” church we are constantly reshaping our lives together according to the unchanging scriptures and our ever changing culture. Form follows function. We establish systems to surround and support individuals, not to stifle them. We re-form on the basis of re-view and are always looking for ways to gather more feedback from our congregation/community. We are committed to ABCD neighborhood involvement (Asset Based Community Development).

Prayer will permeate all of our structures (Unless the Lord builds the house). We will hold a daily corporate prayer mtg. for congregation and community at 7:00 AM with the goal of praying for each of our followers and friends by name at least once every two months. We will provide resources to the congregation by print and email for personal prayer and bible study daily. We will begin and end all of our meetings with prayer. We will divide our congregation up into care groups, assign consistory members and devote a portion of each consistory meeting to praying for them. We will reform our structures regularly based on what we sense God telling us through listening prayer to do.

Leadership Development

Prayer will also provide power and purpose to our leadership. Staff, consistory & congregational leaders will know how to pray for others and how to teach others to pray. Corporate prayer will be considered part of the hourly work for our Hope & seminary interns & pastoral responsibilities of called pastors.

Strategies for raising up leadership. We will develop a mentoring system- with co-leaders or staff . We will emphasis ministry with neighbors not for neighbors. We will identify existing formal and informal leadership already in place—for example (Men’s breakfast and women’s bible study, Neighborhood groups like Historic Association). We will recruit “associates in ministry” we will to develop a pool of trainers/mentors who will “work their way” out of jobs and train neighbors into them.

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