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Strengthening Youth Programs and Intergenerational Ministries

In our listening sessions with the congregation and our neighbors the encouragement of children and youth was raised more often than any other issue, and with more intensity. We want to see young people grow into all that God created and redeemed them to be.

We have specific discipleship ministries for children and youth, especially the Living in Community programs for all ages. We want to strengthen the programs for middle and high school students by increasing the involvement of congregants, especially in organizing social events that supplement the weekly meetings.

Equally important, we want to continue integrating children and youth into the life of the church overall, especially worship and neighborhood ministry. Realistically, we lack the resources to create a large youth program separate from the rest of the church. Beyond that limitation, however, we prefer an intergenerational approach to all our ministries. It will strengthen the ministries themselves, and also provide children and youth with more meaningful experiences and a deeper understanding of the life of the church.

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